Your email controlled my mood.

Your email controlled my mood.


One day this week, you made me real pissy. You triggered an anger response in me, first thing in the morning, before I was even out of bed, and it affected my entire day.

Another day this week, you freaking MADE. MY. DAY. I happily hopped straight out of bed that day to run to my desk and start working in my pajamas, just to chase that feeling you gave me. You gave me news I deemed so amazing, nothing was going to bring me down. 

Until I realized, whoa. I just let a complete stranger drive me out of bed and effectively rearrange my entire day. I’m crediting a complete stranger for an amazing mood that I should be crediting myself for. That response that made me so damn joyful came as a result of an idea I had, research I did, and an email request I sent. That person is surely awesome, and I’m excited to meet them, but I’m here now, and I should be doing all the high-fiving.

This isn't the first time I've let others control my mood. It likely won't be the last. It also wasn't the first 'whoa' epiphany about how silly it is, and it also likely won't be the last.

But let's just run with this one right now. Let's try to not check our emails from bed. Let's not give others control that we own the rights to, ESPECIALLY right out the gates of the day. That time is ours. It should be reserved for morning tickle fights, or coffee, or meditating, or smiling at the birds chirping. Or yelling at them if you're not a bird person. Because that's OK, too. They don't really care. They don't speak our language, and you don't control their mood.