leave the goats alone.


enough with the judgements. 

if your practice of a yogic life is so pure that you are connected to it’s very core roots and life lessons, than you would know this. and you wouldn’t judge. 

we all do it. i’m not innocent. but i’d like to think that i’ve evolved to a point in my own yogic life that when i catch myself doing it, i stop and work to detach from it. when it gets really tough, i have a very small support team who gives me ears and lets me rant privately until one of us shuts it down with a harsh ’STOP. JUDGING.’

as i work on this myself, i also have to accept that my choices are widely judged. likely privately, but also, kinda painfully, publicly. i was one of the pioneers of the yoga and beer scene. you could (judgmentally) say i’m part of the ‘problem’ with yoga. i understand my vision and that of this new niche is not for everyone, and that’s cool. it was never meant to be. it’s intention was to reach a very specific crowd. it speaks to brand new yogis, as an entry into the practice. to seasoned yogis who (perhaps as a result of the black hole of judging and/or being judged) need to evolve their practice by taking a step back.

it does not speak to current or recovering addicts of alcohol or yoga. nor to anyone who has managed to evolve their practice to a place far higher than most of us living in this american culture with never ending responsibilities could ever dream to. 

and those groups have their things that speak true to them. i have mine. you have yours. so, why, for the love of god, do we need to keep judging everyone else’s things?

if you are a true student of yoga- especially one who is also a teacher- you should just want to spread yoga any way you can. there is an absolute need for dedicated studio spaces and home practices. there is also an absolute responsibility to seek ways to bring people to a place of presence with their breath in any creative form a brain can dream up. you can judge my yoga and beer events, but i fall asleep fine every night knowing that i absolutely have brought people to their presence by giving them an opportunity to unroll a yoga mat on a brewery floor. they tell me this, as we connect off the mat, in a social setting, after our yoga practice.  

but this writing isn't really about yoga and beer, it was inspired by some goat yoga bashing i just saw on social media. needless to say, it got my goat. [insert giggle or pun-induced groan.] goat yoga is not my thing. but for those who enjoy it, why are we collectively struggling to leave it alone and just let them enjoy it? it’s adorable goats, man. and it’s likely attracting a brand new set of curious yogis, or super serious yogis who need permission to remember to laugh at themselves a little. 

goat yogis, do your thing. have an amazing time. 


beer yogis, i’ll see you at the brewery. 

puns over, out.