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let's make stuff!

the issue | skin's getting old.

i try my best, but i probably don't get enough rest. sometimes i eat healthy, and sometimes, pizza wins. i drink. i don't smoke, but i DID have some cuban cigars recently. and when i'm not on an airplane escaping it, i live in a harsh climate; my skin has to adapt on a daily basis between dried stuffy forced heat air and frozen tundra lake winds.

the game plan |  to create a diy clay mask to tone skin that's getting old and is sometimes fed beer and pizza. must also shrink pores and counter the effects of all that tundra wind. 

the players |  rhassoul clay, chia botanical extract, helichrysum hydrosol 

rhassoul clay

moroccan rhassoul clay | first, all clays are good to draw out toxins. i color my soaps with clays, so i've played with many over the years, but i was always buying clays as colorants, not necessarily for their properties beyond making my soaps pretty without using lab colors. i recently purchased rhassoul specifically for it's abilities to deeply draw out dirt, reduce dryness, and improve skin texture and elasticity.

peruvian chia botanical extract | provides an optimal ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 essential fatty acids. translation: perfection in skin nourishment. reduces appearance of pores, lines and wrinkles and creates a balanced glow. yes, please. 

helichrysum hydrosol | you could easily mix the clay/powder with fresh water (and maybe a few drops of essential oils) but i'm into hydrosols lately. hydrosols are products of distilled plant, flower, or fruit material with therapeutic properties similar to their sister essential oils. helichrysum was my choice for my 'uh oh, it's getting old' skin with it's cell regenerative and anti-inflammatory properties. 

the recipe | 1 tbsp rhassoul clay to up to 1 tsp chia powder. mix/whisk together, and add hydrosol or water to desired consistency. if adding essential oils, use 3-5 drops of a quality oil. you're pasting this on your face, so choose a scent that's pleasant for you, but do your homework: choose a skin safe oil with beneficial properties.

application | i have a basic soft bristle paint brush (find at an art supply store) dedicated to mask use only. you can use anything to apply, even just clean fingers, but if you're treating yourself, it feels damn luxurious to paint a soft clay mask on. keep the mask on 7-10 mins, allowing the mask to almost dry- if it dries too quick, spritz with hydrosol or water. 

rhassoul clay mask application

results | maybe not super dramatic as seen through iphone bathroom selfies, but hey, anytime is a good time to promote makeup-free photos, yeah? i definitely notice immediate pore shrinkage and lasting softness, firming, and toning after using this mask. i use it weekly.

so, ready to go make your own? for any question on alternate clays, additives, or essential oils, leave me a comment below.

want to try this exact formula? purchase a 2.5 oz dry clay + powder base mix, or a fully blended 4 oz formula of my exact mask via

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