calm the sh*t down. you got this.

once upon many years ago, i developed a massage balm line.


calm balm was born of a rhyme (seriously) and a love of sandalwood. heal balm was by request of a yoga pal who wanted something to help his aching back.

calm was my baby. i was teaching a lot of yoga when it was born, including a weekly gentle class. if i'm honest, i was always cranky to have to wake up early on a sunday. but i was always chill by the end of that ninety minutes. my hands and dozens of upper torsos would leave the studio covered in calm, ready to spread our mellow.

and for years, that was about as far as calm got. a few local studios picked up the balm, but it never really got the love it deserved, while it's bold balm sister heal got rave reviews.

but this isn't about you, heal.

this is about how calm met a brand new market this winter, and ended up being my sell out product for a holiday craft show. 

calm's brand new crowd? EVERYBODY.

'everybody in america needs calm!' i was told this on repeat by happy customers for two days straight. the tester tin i left out on my table was as empty as my calm balm stock by the end of the weekend. 

and that crowd, they were right. we all badly need some calm in our lives. so, permission granted. get your peace. find that scent that induces the mellow for you. carry it with you in an accessible formula. inhale, and inhale often. 


interested in my formula? i use lavender, mandarin, juniper berry, sandalwood, and ylang ylang to create a blend that's a little bit sweet, a little bit grounding, and a lot bit calming, and you can find it HERE

want to find your own custom calming scent? experiment with more essential oils known to relieve anxiety or stress (try chamomile, clary sage, patchouli, rose, or vetiver) and maybe balance it with a mood-lifting oil (basil, rosemary, citrus) as a subtle aromatic reminder to 'calm the sh*t down. you got this.'