the one mistake a yoga teacher can't afford to make

here it is: 

so, hey. you gotta remember, every time you teach, that IT'S NOT ABOUT YOU.

if that’s all you have time to read, that’s it. store that in long term, define it in a way that fits your style, and get on with your day. 

our responsibility as teachers is to empower our students. to acknowledge that we are just the facilitators for them to do their work. our student’s experience is not about our killer sequence. or our amazing playlist. or our sweet new pants. or the cheesy yoga teacher joke that popped into our head while we were flowing that we really hope we remember to throw in while we're teaching live. all that stuff matters, because it means we care enough to prepare, and our goal IS to create a powerful and gracefully choreographed series of moments that align and empower. 

so, do that. care about the creation, but then...detach. because it’s not always what the experience is about. save for those sweet new pants you're wearing to teach, you should to be ready to drop ANY aspect of your plan, and have the smarts and skills to improvise on the spot.

because when you keep a sequence that doesn’t serve your audience- no matter how kickass great it is- you’re only demonstrating how good you are at sequencing. you’re not honoring your commitment to be present, to serve those who show up. and those yogis who show up? they’re keeping you on the teaching roster.


want to chat about your teaching? or how to grow those improvisational smarts and skills? leave me a comment below and i'll get back to you asap.

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