bruges, brussels, and a whole lot of belgian beer.

hey, wanna go to europe? 

i’m heading to belgium this october for a balance & brews beer holiday, and you’re invited! you’ll get all the beer. yoga in cool spaces. and once in a lifetime experiences, from crossing a border on a bicycle to visiting an abbey for trappist beer right from the source. 

it’s gonna be all that, plus a belgian truffle.

i’ve been planning our next group travel adventure for awhile, but nothing i was putting together was clicking. then i fell into a strange alignment of random references and circumstances, and all of a sudden…the signs were pointing to ‘YES! you must go to europe for a yoga and beer holiday!’ 

and it’s finally- and absolutely- the right trip. my gut told me so. the way the trip themes and group experiences came together told me so. the dismantling of the roadblocks that have a way of popping up during project planning phases told me so.

and so, we’re going to belgium this october for a balance & brews beer holiday. if you’re hungering for change and growth via a new environment, this is for you. (also, if you’re hungering for belgian truffles.) 

if you’re inspired by diversity and how cultures and worlds CAN work together and support each other (reference: the amazing longevity of these yoga and beer pairings, right?!), this is for you. 

so, what do you think? might we soon be hanging out, enjoying french fries and belgian beer under the shadow of a thirteenth century bell tower?


hope so!

find out more about our beer holiday here. this is a limited space experience (double occupancy currently sold out), so contact me, or leave a comment below asap if you have any questions before committing! 

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