chakra pop yoga: the color warrior roster!

chakra pop yoga is THE don't-miss-experience of summer 2018. in it's inaugural year as a stand alone yoga event, chakra pop will be hosted by red space on july 18, 2018. registration for this event includes a 90 minute yoga and meditation experience like no other- you'll be surrounded by color before, during, and after the event. post practice will include beverages (must be 21 with valid ID) by dogfish head, and a color packet of your choice to take part in our outdoor color party (the photo op of the year!)

what's our color delivery system? when you check in, you'll get your own package of color for the outdoor celebration, and our team of color warriors can help decorate you pre practice, if you wish. they'll also be supporting you during practice with colorful assists. 

is your favorite local teacher a part of chakra pop yoga? check out the list here, then reach out to them for their discount code to save $5 on registration. looking for a new face to add to your list of teachers? check out the bios and links to the studio homes of these yogis via our FB event, then reach out to them for that code! 

muladhara | root - Kaley Tocco and Jennifer Young

svadhisthana | sacral - Katie Anderson and Felicia Hilscher

manipura | core - Alyssa Gustwiller and Nick Cerri

anahata | heart - Ally Grubba and Alicia Hansen

visshudha | throat - Danielle Krimer and Tanja Odorcic Bartulovic

ajna | third eye - Nikki Lang (formerly Costa) and Carissa Moon

sahasrara | crown - MKM and Erika Whites, co-teachers of event