la futura es verde

Yesterday was rough.

Rough like ‘oh, so that’s exactly what the exchange of energy output v money in to pay the bills currently looks like.’

(It looks like this: 😳, in case you were wondering.)

I was bummed. I was really freaking bummed. I thought about just dwelling in my pissiness all evening. Instead, I exhausted myself with hot yoga, a big ol’ carb-filled sub, and I went to bed early.

I woke up at 3:54am today. Feeling like Leslie Knope after Ron locks her in her b&b room to sleep when she can’t come up with her next great idea after the harvest festival, and she comes out of the room the next day with a million new ideas written on doilies.

Yesterday blew. But this next phase- sorting through all these new opportunities for growth & change? It’s going to be fun as shit.